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Bond Street Mercantile offers two tracks of diversified products, one Israel base specialty investments and one Canada based specialty investments.

Bond Street Mercantile’s Israel based investments include the Holy Land Investment Fund (“HLIF”) which is a balanced fund of Israel and Israel-related equity and bond investments. The HLIF focuses primarily on five sectors of the Israeli economy: energy, technology, real estate, pharmaceuticals and financial services. It is an RRSP eligible Canadian dollar fund that is an excellent way to diversify your investment portfolio.

The Canada Israel Infrastructure Fund LPs (“CIIF”) invest in major Israeli infrastructure projects, many guaranteed by the government of Israel. It is a longer term, low risk, US dollar investment that can scale your portfolio to new heights.

Bond Street Mercantile’s Canada based specialty investments include specialty private mortgages in the GTA as well as two “in and out” flow through share programs which offer a guaranteed return for both charitable giving and profit purposes. Additionally we provide the opportunity to invest in Private Placements as well as Joint Real Estate Ventures.

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Nutritional High

Toronto-based company that make cannabis extracts and products in the USA. (currently in Colarado, Illinois, Nevada and Oregon) (PIPE)


Bond Street Mercantile’s unique offering for investing in large infrastructure projects in Israel.


Bond Street Mercantile's own fund for Canadians to diversify by investing in Israel-related stocks and bonds.

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