Charity Max Flow Through Program

The CMFT program offers a government approved methodology for significant donors to increase their charitable donations to their chosen charities by as much as 65%. The CMFT uses flow through shares in the mining industry, which provides donors with federal and provincial tax benefits in addition to the usual charitable tax benefits.

These benefits range from an additional 25% to as much as 65% beyond the proceeds of a regular charitable donation, depending on the location of the development and the investor.

“Buy and Sell” Flow Through Share Programs

For the past number of years, Bond Street has offered investors “Buy and Sell” Flow Through Programs similar to those in the charity driven Charity Max program, but which are instead profit based.

In this program clients purchase flow through shares from publicly traded Canadian mining corporations and sell them to institutional investors within a short period of time. This allows clients to benefit from four provincial and federal tax breaks and achieve after tax returns in excess of 20%, with little risk in the process. We work with Canada’s largest promoter of “buy and sell” flow through programs in order to provide our clients with the greatest expertise and support services available in the industry.