Private Placements

From time to time, Bond Street offers Accredited Investors a rare opportunity to participate in a private placement in a public company whereby the investor has the opportunity to buy publicly traded shares, at a significant discount, or lend the company funds via convertible debentures and obtain warrants which can be exercised for benefits in the future. These companies are raising additional expansion for expansion or acquisitions.

Bond Street has participated in a number of such PIPES (private placement in a public entity) over the past few years including the one and only private placement of shares in Facebook (prior to the IPO), 4 Canadian company PIPES in the booming cannabis sector and the only publicly traded company in the world in the hugely expanding “vaping” business.

Bond Street chooses its few offerings very carefully, conducts in-depth due diligence, while looking for a unique “story” and excellent managers who has both the vision and the ability to execute their business’s expansion plans.