The Canada Israel Infrastructure Fund

The Canada Israel Infrastructure Fund LPs (“CIIF”) are Canadian-based LPs which invest in major Israeli infrastructure projects via the Israel Infrastructure Fund (“IIF”). The IIF is Israel’s oldest and largest infrastructure fund with more than $1.5B USD AUM. IIF investments include projects such as highways, power plants, desalination plants, light rapid transit systems and more. Many projects are backed by Israeli government guarantees on the capital as well as on the minimum annual returns.

The IIF is a partnership with Bank Leumi, Israel’s largest bank, Harel Insurance, Israel’s largest insurance and financial services company and Avivim, Israel’s largest pension fund. The IIF I fund has shown annual gross returns in excess of 19% (before fees).

The IIF III has just completed a raise of an additional $300M USD. The CIIF I LP invested in the IIF II. It has invested thus far in ten major projects, including Route 6, Israel’s only toll highway and HWY 431, the newest east-west highway in Israel, as well as in CityPass, Jerusalem’s LRT where it is also the manager as well as in Israel’s two newest power plants and Israel’s largest desalination plant.

CIIF II LP invests in IIF III. It will invest in a number of other projects which are designed to deliver revenue streams to the investors as well as capital gains when the projects are sold off to institutional investors. The first investment is in the Tamar gas find off the coast of Israel.

The CIIF LPs are available to Accredited and Eligible investors only. It is not currently RRSP eligible. This is a US dollar investment.