Private Equity

  • Ciyata

  • Levenswater


Private Equity is the investment in shares of a privately held company. There is usually no planned exit at the point of investment. Rather the company hopes to take a number of years to build itself into a considerably larger and profitable entity.

The shareholders may choose at some time to exit via going public (i.e. via an IPO or RTO) or by selling all or part of the company or via a merger. But the current focus is in increasing shareholder value by RAPID GROWTH.

The most recent PE raise we conducted was for Levenswater, a super-premium gin company with proprietary gin formulations, and proprietary technology which speeds up the manufacturing process dramatically. In late 2020 Levenswater is gearing up to launch a line of gin-based, bottled, mixed cocktails (e.g. Cosmopolitan, Negroni and more)..

Currently Bond Street is in the midst of evaluating a number of investment opportunities in the US residential, low rise real estate market via its new Ciyata division for launch in late 2020/early 2021.